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A strap for every watch

All our watchstraps are highly customisable. Below you'll find a list of finishes and design elements we personalise to your desires.

How to measure your strap

Measure 1.png
Measure 2.png
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Order request

Customer details

Leather details


Strap length (in cm)

Strap width (in cm)


Straight springbar
Straight push pin
Straight open ended glued

Outside notch

Inside notch

Outside notch A
Inside notch A
Outside notch H
Inside notch H
Outside notch J
Inside notch J

Notch loops

Saddler finish

Saddler standard
Saddler flat
Saddler square
Saddler padded
Saddler extra padded

Folded finish

Saddler fold padded
Saddler fold chrono
Saddler fold flat
Saddler fold standard

Punch-out holes

No holes


With single stitching

With double stitching

With flange point

With flange point and V point

Seam thread

Point style

Point cut edge
Point round
Point square
Point bullet

Buckle notch

6 o'clock (left side on image)

12 o'clock (right side on image)



Steel buckle
Gold buckle
Sports buckle

Brand name (optional)

Additional remarks

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