Gallo Watch Straps

Genuine Rooster feet Leather


Looking for an exotic watch strap with a similar appearance as an Alligator strap but something more unique and price-friendly? Our Gallo straps made from Rooster foot might exactly be it. These watch straps display a wide array of different sized scales, creating a complex and bold design.

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  1. Gallo Glossy Honey
    B272 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  2. Gallo Glossy Black
    B270 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  3. Gallo Glossy Burgundy
    B273 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  4. Gallo Glossy Grey
    B275 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  5. Gallo Matt Black
    M270 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  6. Gallo Matt Honey
    M272 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  7. Gallo Matt Petrol Blue
    M274 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  8. Gallo Matt Cream
    M275 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
  9. Gallo Matt Royal Blue
    M280 AMP 101
    As low as €145.00
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Gallo Watch Straps: The bold statement of Rooster Foot Leather

Stand out from the crowd with Gallo watch straps by LIC Leather. Made from genuine rooster feet leather and designed to mimic the look of alligator skin, these straps are a bold fashion statement.

Rooster Feet Leather: a unique and bold choice

Rooster feet leather is known for its unique texture and bold appearance thanks to the wide array of different sized scales. It's another example of a leather watch strap from the watch straps collections offered by LIC Leather that you won't find anywhere else on the market. At LIC-leather al watch straps are handmade and crafted with the highest quality. 

Make a statement with Gallo Watch Bands

Choosing a Gallo watch strap by LIC Leather is more than just a fashion choice; it's a statement of quality and boldness. Available in various colors and styles, our Gallo watch straps are the perfect accessory to make a bold statement.

Our Selection of Watch Straps

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