The art of dressing watches

Since 1971, we have been making leather watch straps by hand in our workshop in Belgium according to the traditional techniques. By doing so, we guarantee the highest quality for customers worldwide and are since decades a trusted partner of renowned watch brands and prestigious boutiques.

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Our Watch Straps

Finest quality

Our master craftsmen have exceptional skills with some of them having more than forty years of experience. Every single watchstrap is carefully crafted by hand and meticulously inspected resulting in the finest quality watch straps you can imagine.

Wide leather variety

We pride ourselves in making watch straps only from the leathers that we source directly from France and Italy’s most prestigious tanneries. The longtime partnerships we have with our suppliers allow us to offer a broad range of unique leathers in a wide variety of finishes and colours.

Magnificent objects with a story

LIC Leather’s history and passion for beautiful colours, materials and objects is translated into luxurious treasures which are a true pleasure to wear on the wrist.

Premium leather

Exquisite detailing

Unparalleled craftmanship

50 years experience

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Our story

The history of LIC Leather begins in 1971. After being formed by the famous French leather craft school called Atelier Grégoire and cultured by years of experience at a renowned luxury leather goods manufacturer, our founder Yves Thomas decided to establish in Belgium its own company specialized in high quality leather watch straps: LIC.

More than 50 years later, our team of skilled artisans still dedicate a great deal of time in creating every single watch strap by hand.

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