Masai Watch Straps

Genuine Ostrich Leather


Ostrich leather is distinct in its appearance thanks to its beautiful and unique pattern. This iconic leather is defined by raised points that are localized at the center of each hide giving it a fascinating touch as well. No wonder that this leather is not only loved by LIC for making beautiful watch straps, also many fashion designers all over the world adore working with this material.

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  1. Masai Cognac
    62 AME 305
    As low as €145.00
  2. Masai Black
    60 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  3. Masai Taupe
    601 AME 305
    As low as €145.00
  4. Masai Grey
    67 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  5. Masai Forest Green
    600 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  6. Masai Blue
    69 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  7. Masai Burgundy
    68 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  8. Masai Marine Blue
    65 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  9. Masai Tangerine
    611 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
  10. Masai Indigo
    607 AMP 305
    As low as €145.00
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Masai Watch Straps: The Exotic allure of Ostrich Leather

Step into a world of luxury and exotic charm with the Masai watch straps by LIC Leather. Made from genuine ostrich leather, these straps offer a unique texture and appearance thanks to the raised points, called crowns, localized at the center of each hide giving it a fascinating touch and unique pattern.

Ostrich Leather Watch Straps: Adding an iconic touch from the watch industry on your wrist

Some straps are so iconic they don’t need any introduction. The gorgeous ostrich leather straps from our Masai collection is a perfect match with any Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, but surely with many other brand and styles of watches as well. The leather is sourced from Europe's finest tanneries, ensuring that each strap offers the highest quality. At LIC-leather al watch straps are handmade and crafted with the highest quality. 

Make a statement with Ostrich Leather Watch Bands

Ostrich watch straps by LIC Leather are not just a fashion accessory but a statement of quality and style. With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, you can easily find a strap that complements your watch and fits your personal style.

Our Selection of Watch Straps

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