Nubuck watch straps

Genuine Bull Leather


These Nubuck straps that are available in different models are crafted from the outer layers of the bull hides and is known for the unique combination of being a strong and supple leather while offering a velvet-like feeling at the surface. The ideal strap with a casual look if you search for a soft and comfortable touch on your wrist.

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  1. Nubuck Black
    N110 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  2. Nubuck Chocolate Brown
    N111 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  3. Nubuck Cognac
    N114 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  4. Nubuck Jeans Blue
    N113 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  5. Nubuck Azure
    N126 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  6. Nubuck Grey
    N120 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  7. Nubuck Forest Green
    N119 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  8. Nubuck Khaki
    N154 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  9. Nubuck Taupe
    N122 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  10. Nubuck Royal Blue
    N118 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  11. Nubuck Ferrari Red
    N117 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
  12. Nubuck White
    N125 AMP 102
    As low as €115.00
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Nubuck Watch Straps: The ultimate of Comfort and Durability

Nubuck watch straps by LIC Leather offer the ultimate blend of comfort and durability. Crafted from soft and durable nubuck Bull leather, these straps are designed to beautifully patinate over time while providing a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

The softness of Bull Leather: Why choose Nubuck

Nubuck leather is known for its soft velvet-like texture and durability, making it the ideal choice for watch straps. The bull leather undergoes a special treatment process to enhance its natural qualities. Over time, it will naturally develop a stunning patina, which means it will undergo subtle changes in appearance as it ages, something typical for premium quality leather. 

Elevate your style with Nubuck Watch Bands

Choosing a Nubuck watch strap by LIC Leather is more than just a fashion choice; it's a statement of quality and sophistication. Available in various colors, styles and sizes, our Nubuck watch straps are the perfect accessory to elevate any watch and outfit.


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