Kalahari Watch Straps

Genuine Python Leather


Thanks to its natural pattern and offbeat colours, python leather is sought-after by many exclusive brands of leather goods. The combo of the dual tone Kalahari strap with the right watch will make it a true one of a kind item.

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  1. Kalahari Natural
    5001 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  2. Kalahari Brown
    5008 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  3. Kalahari Light Blue
    5009 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  4. Kalahari Black
    5003 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  5. Kalahari Brown-Orange
    5004 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  6. Kalahari Tan
    5000 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  7. Kalahari White
    5002 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
  8. Kalahari Black-Green
    5005 AMP 101
    As low as €125.00
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The adventure of Kalahari Watch Straps

Kalahari watch straps are designed for those who love like to stand out of the crowd and be unique. The straps are made from exotic natural leather hides, making them a perfect match with the adventure seeker. 

Quality and Durability in Python Leather Watch Bands

Our python leather watch bands are made to last. The high-quality leather is both durable and comfortable, ensuring that you can wear your strap for years to come. At LIC-leather, all our watch straps are handmade and crafted with the highest quality. 

Are the Kalahari Leather Watch Straps made from Python Leatherskins Ethically Sourced

At LIC we obviously care about our planet and adhere to a stringent ethical policy in our use of skins. At an international level, we are committed to safeguarding endangered species by strictly respecting the terms set out by Cites (Washington Convention) and the Reach regulations which are global legislations, governing the farming and sustainability within our industry. In addition, all exotic hides and skins used by LIC are sourced from breeding farms approved by the federal agency US Fish & Wildlife Service. Our partners undergo regular audits to ensure their continuous adherence to our ethical code and values.

Our Selection of Watch Straps

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