Alcantara Watch Straps

Genuine Alcantara leather with velvety texture


Alcantara watch straps are made from a synthetic textile material. It has a velvety texture, is soft to the touch and is known for having a greater durability than an equivalent suede leather strap. Alcantara is commonly used in automotive applications and given its unique texture and luxurious feel it’s a sought-after material in the fashion world as well.

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  1. Alcantara Black
    9500 AMP 102
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  2. Alcantara Cognac
    9509 AMP 102
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  3. Alcantara Marine Blue
    9519 AMP 102
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  4. Alcantara Camel
    9512 AMP 102
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  5. Alcantara Anthracite
    9518 AMP 102
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Alcantara Watch Straps: The modern sophistication of cutting edge Microfiber

Step into a world of sophistication with Alcantara watch straps by LIC Leather. Made from an unrevealed microfiber material, it contains similarities to Suede leather straps but it's much more durable than Suede, while having a soft, velvet-like and luxurious feel.

The future of luxury: from the interior of premium brand automobiles to high quality Watch Straps by LIC Leather.

The primary application of Alcantara has traditionally been the interior of high-end automobiles, but the versatility of this remarkable material has led its adoption into watch straps as it boasts an incredibly soft texture and luxurious feel.

Make a statement with Alcantara Watch Bands

Choosing an Alcantara watch strap by LIC Leather is more than just a fashion choice; it's a statement of quality and modern sophistication. Available in various colors and styles, our Alcantara watch straps are the perfect accessory to pair to any watch.

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