Baranil Cognac Navigator

This Baranil leather watch strap has a very smooth surface and is famous for being supple and soft. It’s made out of the very best calf leather available on the market. This Navigator strap style has an extra padding and comes with a striking white stitch. The result is an masculine strap that is well-known for being paired with Breitling watches, but surely will be an excellent match with other watch brands as well.

4001 AMW 403
This watch strap will be crafted by hand in the workshop of LIC specifically for you. You can expect the delivery in 10 to 15 days.
As low as €160.00

Our Navigator straps are designed for the specification of Breitling watches in mind, but it will also be a very good match with other watch brands as well. This unique strap model called Navigator has an extra padding and comes with a striking white stitch.

The beautiful Baranil watch strap is finely cut out of the premium calf hides called Baranil which are famous for being supple and soft. Also, this exceptional leather is double tanned to obtain it’s striking & deep colours making it a very special product.

LIC watch straps are 100% handmade in Belgium and crafted with great care by our experienced craftsmen. This strap is compatible with all types of watches with straight lugs. Quick release spring bars and different types of buckles are available as an option.


Premium anti-allergenic calf leather specifically made to use as a lining material for watch straps. This soft and comfortable barrier between the Baranil leather of the watch strap and your skin extends the lifetime of the straps. Please be aware that this product does not carry any Breitling logos or branding.


From 6.5mm at the watchcase to 2.5mm at the tip

More Information
Collection Baranil
Leather Calf
Model Navigator
Stitching White

On this page we explain how to determine the length and width of the strap to perfectly fit your watch and wrist.

1 - How to determine the strap width

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The width of a watch strap is expressed in two numbers (for example: 20/18). This is the number of millimetres in-between the lugs of a watchcase on the one hand, and on the other hand to the number of millimetres where the buckle is fixed to the strap.

Example of the strap width: 20/18

20 - Width of the strap at the case, in-between the lugs

18 - Width of the strap at the buckle end

watch strap size guide

2 - How to determine the strap length

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2a - if you already have a watch strap that perfectly fits your wrist

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In that case, simply measure the length of the long part and the short part of the strap in mm. When you measure the short part of the strap, please do not include the buckle.

In other words, the strap length refers to the length in millimetre of the two parts of a watch strap:

  • - the long part with holes and pointed side
  • - the short part that carries the buckle

Example of the length: 115/75 (Medium)

115mm for the long part - pointed side with holes

75mm for the short part – buckle side


Determine strap length


2b - if you do not have a watch strap yet that fits your wrist

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In that case, you can also easily determine the strap length that will suit your wrist by measuring your wrist size.

To measure your wrist size, simply use a soft measuring tape. If you don’t have one, we recommend you the following trick: take your wrist size with a thread, lay it down and then measure it with a measuring tape.

Finally, this table will help you find your corresponding strap length:

Your Wrist Size Corresponding Strap Length
5.5'' to 6.2'' 
 140mm to 159mm
6.3'' to 7.0'' 
 160mm to 179mm
7.1'' to 7.8'' 
 180mm to 199mm
7.9'' to 8.6'' 
 200mm to 219mm
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