Appel lederen horlogebanden

Onze collectie vegan horlogebanden ziet eruit en voelen aan als een traditioneel lederen bandje. Het is gemaakt van een alternatief leder dat gebruik maakt van het afval van de appelsapindustrie. De schillen, klokhuizen en vezels van appels worden vermalen tot een fijn poeder en gemengd met katoen, polyester en viscose om het appelafval te versterken. Het resultaat is een prachtig vegan horlogebandje dat alle kwaliteitstesten doorstaat in Zwitserse horloge laboratoria.

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Why Choose Vegan Watch Straps?

When it comes to accessorizing, your watch strap makes a significant statement about your style and values. Vegan watch straps are the perfect alternative to traditional leather watch straps, offering the same level of sophistication without compromising your principles. These bracelets are made from sustainable materials out of the apple juice industry. The peels, stems and fibres of apples are ground into a fine powder and blended with cotton, polyester and viscose to reinforce the apple waste that is turned into beautiful apple leather.

The Benefits of Vegan Watch Bands

Not only do vegan watch bands stand out for their ethical considerations, but they also offer practical advantages. These straps are light, breathable, and have hypoallergenic qualities. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a long-lasting choice. With a variety of textures and colors available, vegan watch bands offer a versatile range of options to suit any style or occasion. Whether you're shopping online or in a physical store of one of our retail partners present all around the globe, look for apple leather watch straps made by LIC.

What is the Difference between the Grained and the Smooth Finishing of Apple Watch Straps?

As the demand for ethical and sustainable products grows, LIC is proudly offering high-quality vegan watch straps. This vegan collection offers a wide range of colours and two finishing options that are both stylish and eco-responsible. More specifically, the straps from the Apple leather collection come in a smooth finishing and also in a version with a grained pattern. The latter one with the luxurious textured look is obtained thanks to the embossment of a grain pattern into the appleskin. The look of these vegan straps can somehow be compared to the Epsom watch straps.

Our Selection of Watch Straps

Didn’t quite find what you’re looking for? No worries. Take a look at our other watch strap collections or browse our selection by color!